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Natassa Kotsambassi

© Natassa Kotsambassi - Seaside


Behavior on the beach, almost always, moves between public and private. Erotic possibilities are made loosely, under the eyes and control of families with children, and the presence of elderly men and women. On the beach, everything is in public view, all are exposed. Some reluctant, some proud, others more loose – it is almost impossible not to notice first the bodies of others and then your own. But at the same time, any possible segregation is temporarily forgotten on the beach. The sea and sun are non-discriminatory. In the same way, the perfect and the imperfect are portrayed with the same respect and affection in Natassa’s photos. In her frame, everything is strongly present and alive.
Her gaze to the landscape, the young and the οld, recording their almost poetic coexistence. And the warmth of summer radiates through every picture.

Panayotis Kasimis

Natassa Kotsambassi (b. Athens, 1969) has studied Graphic Arts (1987-1993) and Photography (1994-1998), at Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Athens.
Since 1993 she has been teaching Graphic Design and Photography at public and private schools.
She taught at the Photography Department of the TEI Athens (2002- 2005). Her photos and writings have been published in numerous books, magazines, newspapers and exhibition catalogs.
She worked in the publishing department of Archaeological Resources of the Greek Ministry of Culture (2015-2016).
She co-works with the Hellenic Photography Center (HCP), where she teaches photography seminars to teenagers and children.
She has had solo exhibitions in Athens Photographic Center, the Graduates’ Union  of the Higher School of Fine Arts, at the Hellenic Photography Center, at the Center for Creative Photography ENNEA, among others, and participated in many group exhibitions, Photosygiria, International Month of Photography (1998), Thessaloniki Photography Museum (2001), Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (2005), Music Day 2014 and 2015 at Center for Creative Photography ENNEA.
Her photos are part of the permanent collection of Thessaloniki Photography Museum and Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Japan.




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