This portfolio pays tribute to the homonymous film of the “old master” Wim Wenders.

It is mainly inspired by a still frame of the film subtitled “That’s a lovely picture. It’s so empty.”

© Dimitris Mytas | Alice in the cities

​My photographic approach attempts to appropriate the vision that pervades in the unadulterated look of the small child, as she wanders the contemporary cities of Europe and is confronted with the unfamiliar urban landscape.

​Though I am fully aware that my roaming is affected by my being a reflective adult, the original idea proves to be a catalyst and defines the development of the whole project: constructed thought is infused in the automatic depiction of scenes from everyday life.

© Dimitris Mytas | Alice in the cities

​I am thus in quest of the fundamental core of the facts by removing the veil of familiarity imposed by the idleness of adult vision.

The black and white photographic result places emphasis on the masses of total black, the brilliance of pure white and gives prominence to the grey variations of human presence, wherever it is apparent or even underlying in the surrounding space.

 Dimitris Mytas

Dimitris Mytas was born in Kapareli Argolida, Greece, in 1970.

He studied medicine at Medical School of Athens University, Greece.

He has been involved with photography since 1992.
He has presented his work in five solo and numerous group exhibitions, in Greece and abroad. He is the author of four photographic books: “Faces” (1998), “Insight”(2003), “Zero Ten” (2011) and “HOSPITAL” (2016).

Portfolios of his work have been published in photographic magazines/sites, exhibited in art events and presented in photography groups.

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